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May 8, 2018

Do away with the ‘Summer Body’ and embrace your ‘Forever Body’!

Nutrition & Health course only £49 (RRP £125) when you enter voucher code MAY2018 at checkout

Do away with the ‘Summer Body’ and embrace your ‘Forever Body’! Here in the UK, we’ve all just enjoyed the first taste of summer with a long weekend of glorious sunshine but with rising temperatures and the stripping down of the layers, how many of us were feeling the pressure of the so-called ‘Summer Body’?  Skipping meals for a flatter tummy and crash dieting ahead of the next spell of hot weather are just some of the unhealthy lengths that people will go to at this time of year. We need to change our mindsets and educate ourselves on a life-long approach to our health, starting at a cellular level, and embrace the natural beauty and well-being that this health will bring.

Our Nutrition & Health course will teach you basic nutritional principles and help you to formulate healthy diets and set out well-informed programmes for yourself and for your family when faced with the bewildering array of nutritional information online and supplements on the shelves today. It is our only non-practitioner level course so can be read for interest only, or you can choose to complete the checkpoint questions to receive a certificate upon completion with the option of furthering your studies if desired.

Amongst others. the course covers popular topics such as the Bulk Nutrients; The Cell; Vitamins & Minerals; Bowel Flora; Suppressive vs Eliminative Foods; Allergies, Intolerances and Sensitivities; Designing Diets; Supplements.